Marketplaces: On A Sunday

It’s very common to see vendors on sidewalks. On Sundays though if you go downtown of Cebu (syudad), vendors and their wares are spread all over. Go towards Carbon and the streets are practically covered in produce. I find interesting subjects there. If the subject is a chaos to see, how can my painting not end up a chaos? That’s always the challenge!

That’s a lot of coconuts!


Pavement and produce. Vehicles and vendors. Why am I writing poetry.


This is along Magallanes street. There’s goldfish, fish food, birds, and more. I feel sorry for those ‘pets’, really 🙁

The 500-Year Walk: Taking Inspiration from Cebu’s History

Last month we joined a walking tour that featured some of Cebu’s historical spots. I found many nice subjects for watercolor practice.

What a hot sunny afternoon!

Shamrock Hotel, became Compania Maritima
Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, from outside
Plaza Independencia
Casa Gorordo, the Spanish-era house now a museum
Aduana Building, became Malacañan of the South
Cebu City Hall
Kiosk of Magellan’s Cross