Painting From Plein Air Sketches

One weekend spent at a beach resort, I got the chance to sketch plein air. The difference here is the intention in my head. I’m making a sketch. This time I wanted to paint at home using only the sketches as reference, no photos because photos can get in the way.

Half past six AM, I thought I didn’t need the hat, but here the hot sun beating down on me
Sun-dappled at the poolside
I got sand in my watercolor box…

Paintings made in the studio/home:

I made the sky less blue
The massage hut. Many palm trees have been deleted out from the picture.

Have a great day


Marketplaces: On A Sunday

It’s very common to see vendors on sidewalks. On Sundays though if you go downtown of Cebu (syudad), vendors and their wares are spread all over. Go towards Carbon and the streets are practically covered in produce. I find interesting subjects there. If the subject is a chaos to see, how can my painting not end up a chaos? That’s always the challenge!

That’s a lot of coconuts!


Pavement and produce. Vehicles and vendors. Why am I writing poetry.


This is along Magallanes street. There’s goldfish, fish food, birds, and more. I feel sorry for those ‘pets’, really 🙁