Painting From Plein Air Sketches

One weekend spent at a beach resort, I got the chance to sketch plein air. The difference here is the intention in my head. I’m making a sketch. This time I wanted to paint at home using only the sketches as reference, no photos because photos can get in the way.

Half past six AM, I thought I didn’t need the hat, but here the hot sun beating down on me
Sun-dappled at the poolside
I got sand in my watercolor box…

Paintings made in the studio/home:

I made the sky less blue
The massage hut. Many palm trees have been deleted out from the picture.

Have a great day


Tonal Value Studies

I used to think I didn’t need to make value studies at all. It was when I learned how important tonal value really is to a painting that I started making value studies. At first I thought it was more like a black and white version of the painting.

I didn’t take a photo of the final painting before it was taken away.

I found it tedious. Then I watched videos of painter Andy Evansen on YouTube. He has a very simple way of making value studies. Limiting the picture to three values and connecting shapes.






See you next time!

People: On A Sunny Day

Apart from buildings and street scenes, I like to paint people as well. They
are important part of many of my compositions. Sometimes I like to isolate them, but not portraits.

How about a glass of ice cold water? *squint*









It’s still too hot even though I’m casting a long shadow

Where you headed?